Active Sisters

Dana Ches

Hi I’m Dana & I’m a senior and graduate in May this year. I joined Gamma Phi Beta the winter of 2017! I’ve held the positions of new member educator assistant and PAVP. I look forward with continuing my love for Gphi after I graduate by joining our local alumni chapter!

Lauren Martin

Hello everyone! I’m Lauren, I’m a senior studying biology and this is my last year as an active in Gamma Phi :( I’ve previously been Social Chair and Membership Vice President and had a blast doing both! When I graduate I hope to continue learning and find a career somewhere in the field of Genetics. I spend most of my time studying, working out or going out with my friends!

Jacquelyn Green

Hi! My name is Jacqui Green and I am currently a senior at Oakland University. I am planning on graduating this May with a degree in marketing and business analytics. Along with being in Gamma Phi Beta, I am also a member of AMA, Alpha Lamda Delta Honors Fraternity, and Gamma Sigma Alpha National Academic Greek Honors Society. Last year I was the Public Relations Vice President and I loved being so involved with our philanthropy and social events! In my free time I enjoy traveling, working out, drawing and photography.

Julia Alexander

Hey there! My name is Julia and I joined Gamma Phi Beta in Fall 2018. I fell in love with this sorority because of the bond our sisters share, as well as our sorority’s philanthropy - Girls on the Run! I love to hang out with friends, try new things, and travel. You can visit me on campus any time at the OUSC office. 

Jacqueline Bellomo

Heyyoo! I am a senior majoring in Operations Management, specializing in Supply Chain Management, and minoring in Human Resources Management. The stuff I have been involved in on campus is: President of Society of Operations Management, VP of Euchre Club, Section Leader in Pep Band, Member in Leadership OU, DECA, Alternative Spring Break, House Council, intramural sports. Outside of the million clubs I am in I enjoy kickboxing, volunteering, and empowering women through Gphi! I love our motto & my sisters in the organization. I think it is amazing when we all come together and celebrate our accomplishments as a group. 

Kathryn Calleja

 Hi! I’m Kathryn. I’m a senior this year at OU, majoring in dance, with a minor in biology! After graduation, I am applying to physical therapy graduate programs around the state! I’ve been in Gamma Phi Beta for all four years of college, and held the positions of Scholarship Chairwoman, Education Vice President, and President. Through these positions, I’ve learned so much about service, leadership, and what we as women can do when we support one another and build each other up. This chapter is full of some amazing, kind, and intelligent women, and I am so proud to be apart of it! Besides being in Gamma Phi, I work at the OU Rec Center, and am a part of many other clubs and organizations around campus including the Honors College. When I’m not studying, I like working out, cooking, and traveling!  

Kara Westra

Miranda Oleskie

Andrea Balboa

Hey! I am Andrea Balboa, a junior at OU and an active sister of GPhi, and I am so happy I chose to join this amazing sorority because I love all my sisters!! Our connection as friends is like no other and I always feel love around them. Every women is unique and our differences makes us stronger and empowering as we learn from each other! I am a Psychology major specializing in Applied Behavioral Analysis, this study focuses on helping children, teens and adults to become independent and increase their full potential as members of the community. 

Janee Hitaj

Emma Springfield

Allyson Fleury

Destinee Rule

Gina Choi

Paola Portillo

Aspen Demonaco

Melissa Jordan

Taylor Squicciarini

Hi I'm Taylor and I hold a Junior standing at Oakland University, this is my fourth semester in gamma phi beta. I love hockey, football and lacrosse. I joined gamma phi to find forever friends. 

Emily Gentile

Maria Barrios

Hi I’m Maria! Gamma Phi will always make you feel welcome. You might be dealing with stressful situations at work or school but somehow your sisters will always make you feel better! Everyone is such an unique and genuine soul. I would not trade it for the world

Claire Arbaugh

 Hello everyone! My name is Claire and I am a junior here at Oakland. I am currently studying social work and I want to be a high school social worker! I found my home in Gamma Phi in the fall of 2018. During my freshman year I went through some tough experiences, that made me very lost and not very confident in myself. I was on the edge of dropping out, before my father encouraged me to do formal recruitment. During my recruitment experience, I met a diverse group of women who were  just like me and made me realize that I wasn’t alone and that I could accomplish many things in life. During my time in Gamma Phi Beta I have learned to love myself and that I am worthy. I have a huge support system behind me no matter what I do and where I go and I can’t thank this organization enough for that. 

Gina Eovaldi

Hello, my name is Gina Eovaldi and I am a sophmore at Oakland. I am a health science major with a concentration in pre-health professions. I am very interested in the health care field and hope to become a PA in the future. I was just initiated into Gamma Phi Beta this past November. I serve as the Parliamentarian for our chapter. I work at the OU rec center’s front desk and also at Lifetime Fitness as a swim instructor. I love summertime and spending time with my family. I am so happy I decided to rush this year, and I am so excited for all of the memories and friendships to come in my future with Gamma Phi Beta.


Kennedy Iwas

Hi I am a Junior at Oakland University aspiring to go to medical school! I have such a full heart for the philanthropy and for Volunteering. Gamma Phi has brought me such strong women and a support group I could not live without. Thank you gamma phi for teaching me leadership roles and showing me what is truly important in this world. 

Meghan Coppen

Hi!! My name is Meghan Coppen. I am a junior at Oakland and I’m majoring in Elementary Education with an endorsement in science and Early Childhood Education. I joined Gamma Phi in Fall of 2016. I have become more confident and have meet so many amazing friends since joining Gphi. In my free time I love hanging out with my friends and working out! Joining Gamma Phi is one of the best decisions I have made and I look forward to the memories and relationships I continue to build!

Abigail Nofar

Hi, my name is Abigail Nofar and I'm currently a sophomore majoring in Actuarial Science. I joined Gamma Phi in the Fall of 2017. Outside of Gamma Phi Beta, I am involved in the Society of Actuarial Science, the Honors College and I am an Academic Peer Mentor. I love shopping, reading and DOGS. I am so excited to be able to grow and learn with such an amazing group of girls. 

Dana Reickel

Hi! My name is Dana. I am a Junior at Oakland and I’m majoring in Human Resources Development. I joined Gamma Phi in Fall 2016 and it’s my home away from home. I’m also involved in on-campus student employment as a lifeguard at the OU Recreation Center. In my free time, I love to hammock and hang out with my friends and sisters! 

Jennifer Sroka

Hi I’m Jen Sroka, a senior at Oakland University studying health sciences and will be continuing on with her masters to pursue a career as a Speech Language Pathologist. In my free time I like spending time with family and friends!

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