Active Sisters

Jacqueline Bellomo

Hello, my name is Jacqueline Bellomo and I am currently a sophmore at Oakland University majoring in Opeartions Management. I am super involved on campus I work as a Career Ambassador at Career Services, I am the VP of Marketing for Society of Operations Management, and a fun fact I am also VP of Eurche Club! I love shopping, playing sports, and eating chocolate. I am so happy that I have found my home and its just the begginning. Each meeting or activity we do I meet more and more girls who are so genuine about building others up. I love our philanthropy message and all of the wonderful memories I have made so far. I can't wait to see what these next few years in Gamma Phi Beta will bring along with friendships lasting a lifetime. 

Melissa Jordan

Emily Gentile

Maria Barrios

Claire Arbaugh

Katherine Sack

Gina Eovaldi

Hello, my name is Gina Eovaldi and I am a sophmore at Oakland. I am a health science major with a concentration in pre-health professions. I am very interested in the health care field and hope to become a PA in the future. I was just initiated into Gamma Phi Beta this past November. I serve as the Parliamentarian for our chapter. I work at the OU rec center’s front desk and also at Lifetime Fitness as a swim instructor. I love summertime and spending time with my family. I am so happy I decided to rush this year, and I am so excited for all of the memories and friendships to come in my future with Gamma Phi Beta.


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