The sister love book is a collection of letters from sisters to each other, thanking them for their constant love and support. The sister love book is passed down to each sister at every formal chapter business meeting. Due to COVID-19, we are not able to pass around the love book at our formal meetings. Instead, we’ve transformed our blog into a virtual book! Here, you’ll see letters written to each sister! 

To Rylie Kolakovich

I blow this girls phone up 24/7 with questions, random thought, boy drama, like you name it and i spam text her with it. She’s always there for me when i need her! Love that gal

- Elizabeth Bobr

To Elizabeth Bobr

My sweet sister Elizabeth, 

You’re doing amazing! I adore your dedication to work, school and GPhi. I’m sending you all my love. You are such a kind soul and I’m so happy to be in Gamma Phi with you. Your hard work is so inspiring.  I hope you’re always happy and healthy. Can’t wait to spend study nights with you! 

Best wishes, 

Emily “Emme” Fouchey <3