Riley Stevens

Academics Chairwoman and Loyalty Circle Chairwoman

Hi all! I am Riley and I am currently a Sophomore here at Oakland University. I am majoring in Exercise Science with a concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy. I am currently involved heavily in the Honors College, as I am a Teaching Assistant for them. I am so happy I finally decided to go through formal recruitment in the Fall of 2019, as I am a legacy! I have loved every waking moment being a sister of Gamma Phi and gaining so many lifelong friendships. 

Clarissa Hoye

Recording Secretary & Social Chair Assistant

Hello! I am a sophomore majoring in bioengineering. I joined Gamma Phi during Fall 2019 recruitment and have enjoyed every minute of it ever since!! Some of my hobbies include thrift shopping, finding new music to listen to, and working out.

Brittney Sands

FVP Assistant

 Hello! I am a freshman here at Oakland University. I am majoring in Nursing and joined Gamma Phi Beta fall 2019. I joined Gphi because I wanted lifelong friends and to me surrounded by strong women. When I have free time I love to shop, get coffee, watch movies, and be with sisters!

Valerie Stacey

Standards Chairwoman

I am a current Junior, and I am enjoying my first year as a sister of Gamma Phi Beta!  I love Gamma Phi because I have been given so many leadership opportunities, while building lifelong relationships with other strong women.  I also currently serve as Greek Council’s Greekweek Chairwoman and Scholarship Chair.

Julia Lake

Social Media & Webmaster

Hi! I'm Julia and I joined Gamma Phi Beta in the Fall of 2019. I fell in love with this chapter during recruitment because of the strong values it holds! I am so proud to be apart of this beautiful chapter and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me in Gphi. 

Jessica Woodman

Risk Management Chairwoman and MVP Assistant

Hello! I am Jessica and I am currently a sophomore studying Medical Laboratory Science here at Oakland University. I joined Gamma Phi Beta in the Fall of 2019 and have fallen in love with every aspect of this organization. I am also a lover of Microbiology, the unexplained and music.

Madison Wietecha

Activities Chairwoman & Event Assistant

Hi all! I am Madison and I am a Sophomore at Oakland University majoring in Health Sciences with a concentration in health and nutrition. On my free time I love to be outdoors and travel whenever I get the chance to. I love being apart of Gamma Phi Beta! I am surrounded by so many strong & supportive women!

Emma Rhode

PAVP Assistant

Hi I'm Emma and I am a Sophomore majoring in Environmental Science. Being in Gamma Phi Beta is awesome! Having strong sister connections and being more involved with the campus community is what makes the sorority such a great experience for me. All of my sisters are amazing and strong women who I know I can rely on. Joining Gamma Phi Beta was the best decision I made in college so far.

Jordan Jarrett

Philanthropy Chairwoman

Hey! I'm Jordan and I am a freshman majoring in Nursing. I joined Gamma Phi Beta in Fall 2019 and I am so thankful for all of the long-lasting friendships and opportunities I have received from this sisterhood. As the current Philanthropy Chair, I am in charge of all Girls On The Run activities (aka MOONBALL!!) Gamma Phi was the best way for me to get involved on campus as a commuter, but besides school I love to hike, travel, and workout!

Kennedy Wright

Ritual Chairwoman & Academics Committee 

 Hey there sweet thang! Welcome to the Gamma Phi Beta-Delta Omega website! I hope you were able to learn more about the sisters of Gamma Phi Beta and see just how amazing this organization truly is. My name is Kennedy Wright, and I am a Sophomore here at Oakland University studying Elementary Education with a concentration in Early Childhood Development. I plan to teach Preschool or Kindergarten after I graduate. My absolute favorite color is pink, I own 10+ carhartt hats, and I wholeheartedly believe that pineapple belongs on pizza! I joined Gamma Phi Beta in the fall of 2019, and can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made! The energy my sisters give off is like no other. We are diverse, independent, and resilient. Finding my home here at Gamma Phi has made my college experience so much better! Knowing that my sisters are always there for me no matter where I am or what I’m going through is the best feeling. I was blessed with the best sisters a girl could ask for- Gamma Phi till the D-A-Y I die!

Camryn Dahlerup

Philanthropy Chairwoman Assistant

Hi, my name is Camryn Dahlerup and I am the Philantropy Chairwomen Assistant of Gamma Phi Beta here at Oakland. The main thing I do is help plan Moonball, which our huge philanthropy event we do every year! Outside of Gamma Phi, I am majoring in Radiologic Technology. My goal is to be an Ultrasound Technician! I also love being with my family! I have a brother and a sister and I love spending time with them! Overall, I love life here at Oakland and live in general:) 

Keyara Pepper-Cameron

Social Chair and Historian

Hey everyone! As a member of Gamma Phi Beta I pride myself in my commitment to a lifelong journey of friendship, happiness and sisterhood. I love being surrounded by empowered woman that empower other women.

Nicole Massoud

Song Chairwoman

Hello! I'm Nicole and I am a Psychology major hoping to be a clinical Psychologist. Gamma Phi Beta is my absolute favorite part of being involved at OU. I chose Gamma Phi in the Fall of 2019 because of its empowering values and its strong, supportive sisterhood. I love music, working out, traveling, eating, shopping, and hanging out with the people I love most. As song chair, my job is to teach the Gphi songs and chants to all my lovely sisters!

Rylie Kolakovich

Ritual Chairwoman Assistant 

Hi i'm Rylie! I'm a junior at Oakland University studying Biomedical Sciences. I joined Gamma Phi Beta in the Fall of 2019 and I am proud to be apart of an organization that promotes leadership and empowerment in women! Outside of school, I love working out, drawing and volunteering!

Brooke Hineman

Sunshine Chairwoman

Hi I'm Brooke and I am a freshmen at Oakland University! I am an Exercise Science Major in the Honors College and I am also an Admissions Ambassador here at OU! In my free time I love to workout, hang with friends, read, and watch movies! I am so thrilled I became apart of the amazing sisterhood of Gamma Phi Beta in the Fall of 2019! My favorite part about our chapter is the welcoming environment and the fact that every sister is always there to support each other!

Bailee Gierman

New Member Educator Assistant

Hi there, I'm Bailee and I am a Sophomore at Oakland University. I'm majoring in Human Resources Development and I plan to move to Washington right after college. In my free time I enjoy watching old movies, bragging about my brothers, watching the office, hiking, petting animals, getting coffee, meeting new people, bible study, kayaking, traveling, looking at art and helping other humans/animals (literally makes my heart melt). My FAVORITE animals are bears! I'm a Pisces and my absolute dream is to visit Alaska and I'm very family oriented. I am always here to cheer anyone up or make anyone smile their big ole pretty smile! Joining Gamma Phi Beta was one of the best decisions I have made. I've met so many lifelong friends and i'm so lucky to be apart of this sisterhood!

Ilyssa Brunhild

REAL Wellness Chairwoman

Ilyssa is a junior Choral Music Education Major, and joined Gamma Phi Beta in the Fall of 2017. Ilyssa is a legacy and joined because of her mother's connection to Gamma Phi, but has continued to find an ever growing passion for supporting her amazing sisters and the philanthropy Building Strong Girls. Ilyssa loves the position REAL Wellness because she gets to uplift and support the amazing women around her. 

Nina Iafrate

PACE/Fidelity Chairwoman & Parliamentarian

I’m Nina, and I’m a sophomore! I’m a biology major and a business minor. In my free time I like to hang out with friends, watch movies, and workout! I am so happy to be apart of Gamma Phi Beta because it has given me so many amazing opportunities and has introduced me to my life long friends!

Hailey Baich

New Member Educator 

Hi there! My name is Hailey, I am studying Elementary Education here at OU and I joined Gamma Phi Beta in Fall 2018! I love Gamma Phi because it has given me so many great friends and opportunities to grow as a person. I love that we uplift each other as well as other young girls and woman in the community. This year I am the New Member Educator, which means I will be the mentor and guide for our Fall class of 2020 and I could not be more excited! When I'm not studying, you can find me working, hanging out with friends, working out or going on adventures!

Elayna Freeman

Sisterhood Chairwoman

Hi my names Elayna! I'm in my second year at OU and am majoring in health sciences and currently am hoping to be a health professional in the future. I love spending time with my dogs and family.

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