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We are so pleased that your daughter is a member of our wonderful sisterhood here at the Delta Omega chapter of Gamma Phi Beta. If you have any questions that are not answered on this site, or would like more information, never hesitate to contact the Chapter President (Janee Hitaj) or any of the Executive Board. Thank you for supporting your daughter in Gamma Phi Beta!


What is Gamma Phi Beta?

Gamma Phi Beta is an all female international organization founded at Syracuse University in 1874.  We hold the objective of promoting the highest type of womanhood among its members through culture, social interaction and service to our community. Since its founding, Gamma Phi Beta has achieved these goals and so much more! Today, there are Gamma Phi Beta chapters at over 129 different universities throughout the United States and Canada.





How do Parents learn more about Gamma Phi Beta?

There are many ways for parents to learn about Gamma Phi Beta once their daughter has joined! It is our wish that this website will help to answer initial questions. We, the Delta Omega Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta, are currently working on having a day where our parents can get involved to see what we are all about. 


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